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2008 Golden Acorn Awards

GA Awards 2008 in Review

Greetings again, Rangerphiles!

The 2008 edition of the Awards was one of our best. With talent flowing over, the choice of the best Rangerphile works in each category was truly hard to pick.

There's plenty of people to thank for this year--Red Sonic for all the artwork he put into the presentations, acceptances and subplot stories. Jareth for once again designing our awards--and a shout out to Toni as well for the mini-awards! All the people who worked on the presentations and acceptances--and all the people who read and endured the Lifetime Achievement presentation that Spu and I did ;-) And of course a big thanks to this year's Honorary Rangerphile, Severe Weather Eddie, for that gargantuan work he did for the Action-Adventure presentation.

I'm sure you've noticed the longer load time on the awards pages--they're artwork-heavy, so be patient. I've tested the links on the award pages and everything should work right now (did I say that? ;-) With the power of CSS, getting pages updated and designed is much, much easier--yes, I hear the call out there for the Caption Page revival. It's in the works as we speak...

I've already gotten some feedback from this year's effort, mostly positive and constructive. There's been a request to automate the voting process, and I've already been presented with some options there. I'll see about making that a reality for the 2009 edition.

Btw, I saw the other day they had to put the Wonder in for repairs. I guess that little sojourn we took in the Bermuda Triangle there at the end didn't do the ship any favors! Don't worry, Disney, we're not always that hard on the places we gather--uh, we can still go back to St. Petersburg, right? ;-).

I've replaced the link to the Voting Page down below, but as you can see there's still a link to it here if you simply want an archive of the best of 2008 to browse through. See you creative souls next year!

Indy, your GA Awards Emcee