This page is dedicated to the memory of one great lady. While none of us knew her well, we all have felt the touch of her specialness. Deborah Walley gave us a lot more than Foxglove and Lahwhinie (and as Man-Child reminded me, Buffy Ratskiwatski). She's an example of a person who put family before personal advantage, and one whose spirit was always ready for the challenge. In that light, this page exists to commemerate her from the perspective of the fans of Rescue Rangers, and to let the rest of the world know that she is far from forgotten.


There's plenty of good biographical references, so I'll simply link to the ones at IMDB the MMI Tribute and the Meeker Museum Tribute. One thing I had not been aware of previously is that Deborah's friend John Graf was getting a benefit together for her to defray her medical costs when she passed on. John, wherever you are, thank you.


These are memories of the fans and friends of Deborah, and I think there can be no better testimony to the type person she was. She touched so many lives, and it shows in the number of people and what they have to say about her.

Diane McBain - Diane's article about Deborah is one of the most moving of tributes. I'm including it here with the others because I think it's a fitting testimony from someone who knew her well.

Chris "Dale" Birkett
The J.A.M.
Painless Doc Johnson

Robert Knaus

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