RR Links Page

This is a collection of the various RR sites I've found over the years that meet my ratings standards. I don't claim that this list is close to comprehensive, but maybe it'll help. I plan to add comments to all of these as time allows. I'm trying to include only active links, and at the bottom (when I get time) I'm also going to make a separate section of sites that are no longer with us, as many of them provided us with big contributions to the Ranger community

The Retrokids.com - A wonderful place to catch up on your childhood memories. A massive site containing info about all the kids' TV shows you've likely ever seen, plus links to sites for movies, DVDs, etc. Drop on by!

Johan Rhen's Disneyania Page

Fanfic.net's Rescue Rangers Section

Kat's Tales From the Messageboards - You'll find the main page here

Ray Jones' joneScientific Page

Nathan's Art Page

Koyot's Studio - You'll find the RR music video here.

Rennod's Rescue Ranger Retreat

Painless Doc Johnson's Website

Mike Gibby's Website

Charity's Rescue Ranger Page

Kat's Original Page for the Tales From the Messageboards

Yahoo! Groups DAFT Chat

The DAFT Archive

Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts - Not an RR site, but it does have extensive info on the old Chip 'n Dale shorts

Juan F. Lara's Page o' Links

The Gadget Hackwrench Webring

The Russian CDRR Portal

Hackwrench Meta Chronicles Page

Club Hackwrench

Brian Levay's Gadget Fan Room

Rem's Grayscale Furry Page - Some of the past grayscale (and color and rendered) drawings of Gadget you'll find

The RR Fire Safety Video - Seventy nine bucks for 14 minutes of previously-unseen-by any-of-us video of the Rangers. Is it worth it? Not so far...

Mason West's Disney Links - Some of the links apply to Ranger-related material, some not, but it's all pretty interesting.

RoboNerd's Rescue Rangers Fanfiction

Dolphin's Rescue Ranger Page - Russian language only.

John "Q" Davidson's Crossroads of Time - An RR/DS9/STTNG/QuantumLeap/Terminator/Ripley/Aliens/EMH Program crossover with a lot of fun

Julie's Web Page o' Fun

Jim's Toons - Some RR, some other toons

The Foxglove Feature

The Chip 'N Dale Treehouse - Go there to see the splash page animated pic, if nothing else!

Ruslan's Cartoon Pics - Rangers and otherwise. Note the links to other Russian sites.

Chip 'n Dale All Star Comics - Actually, there's no comics here, but it's one colorful page to look at.

DAFT - Disney Afternoon File Time Mailing List

Bjoern's Gadget Hackwrench Page - Also contains the orginal RR Press Kit and a LOT more

The Rangerphile Directory - Contains self-provided info on most if not all the Rangerphiles

The Internet Gadget Archive

Indy's Ranger Museum

Dale's Rescue Ranger Page