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No Ranger site would be complete without some fan fiction! My Ranger and Non-Ranger fics are here, and now a neat guest fic is here! Read and enjoy--that's why it's there! Be sure to check out the rest of the Museum, too.

See the Untold Ranger Tales Cover Picture!

With nearly ten years gone since we started the Untold Ranger Tales (has it been that long?), Chris Silva and I sat down to discuss our memories of the making of that Ranger saga. What came out of it was in essence a "Directors' Commentary" and a nice addendum to the saga for the fans--consider it a "thank-you". Here are PART ONE and PART TWO.

Novel Length Ranger Stories - The description says it all. You'll find all my longer fics, plus the collaborations I've done with Chris Silva. Times of Their Lives, The Spy Who Loved Monty, and the ongoing Untold Ranger Tales saga are here, to name a few.

Short Ranger Stories - Here, you'll find Ranger stories that aren't quite novel length, but offer a lot of fun, like Texas Rangers, The Brain vs the Rangers, and so on.

Non-Ranger Stories - You'll find two TaleSpin fics we've written here--a novel-length story called "Cat Baloo" and a shorter one in the tradition of the episodes enititled "Yours, Mayan and Ours". Be on the lookout for another new story here in the near future.